05 See You Soon :D

These posts were a recap from  fans’ perspective on the Waliyas journey to the African cup of Nations. There have been lots of articles written on performances and Ethio-South African fans but we thought we’d cover the home crowd from we were at the time.

Below are pictures we thought you’d enjoy…



There were thoushands of people still waiting for the ticket when it was visible that the stadium had reached its limit.


Weddings were cut short…there was a better party to be attended( On the streets of Addis)


Who cares … 😛

_DSC0063 _DSC1005 Probably the most lucrative businesses of the day


He’s keepin’ it for when Sala scores the second goal and we’re thru to the tournament…he knew we were gonna make it,

he just did. 


Look on the bright side, the toilet seat maybe out of use but at least he’s being decent enough to use it.


Even Balotelli wouldn’t miss this game 😀

_DSC0033 _DSC0239

In the power of prayer we believe!


Lemin anget kech aylim…saytayima aytalefim 🙂



After 10 never ending additional  minutes, the last whistle blows and the whole crowd runs to the stadium not very far from  Meskel square


Fans have sooooo many opinions on who should have played and how they should have played…I’m guessing this one is probably like WHAT THE HELL!!! The second one is like “ eyew esti benatih ”


We were all heart broken…our dreams had gone down the drains. We were sobbing, numb or just so furious. This woman just had happened to have the saddest face.






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