02 Saddest day of our lives!!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

After Monday’s spectacle we had been hearing none stop admiration for our national team from all directions. So it’s rational that we expect this game with Burkina Faso to be an easy ride. The game was to start at 9pm but we were so eager to watch the game that the time was going so slow. Little did we know in few hours’ time our spirit would be crushed and Monday’s joy and pride would turn to a nationwide heart break.

_DSC0701 _DSC0666 _DSC0637

I personally didn’t go out to watch the game. I stayed home with the rest of the family and had to watch it on TV. The first 10 or 15 minutes the Waliyas were in form so I thought; this is going to be a great game.  The rest hour and 15 minutes were spent with my Mom getting sick and going to bed, my little brother cursing and screaming and me sitting, standing, kneeling and going up & down the stairs. I must have gone a dozen times to my room to pray to God, Our Mother and about every saint and angel I knew.  To be honest, I probably watched like 25% of the game because I was too busy having a meltdown. As one goal followed another, I felt my body weaken. I couldn’t stand any longer so I squatted beside the couch and sank in sorrow for the next 6 hours.  In all that time, I wondered how heavy of a burden it must be for the team to let 90 million  people down.

On Monday night Facebook was crowded with so many great comments and support for the team but that night it was quiet, except for few people who posted supportive comments. From a few friends who watched the game out in the city, I heard that some people left without a word, some went home “ወይኔ!!!..ኡኡ!!!እያሉand others sank in whatever liquor they can find. Can you blame them?

In one week we’d gone from extremely happy to extremely sad. I think what made it so hard to comprehend was the unexpectedness of such a terrible defeat. Everyone was prepared for a celebration, for another chance to wave our flag in pride and sing that we forgot to bring the stitches to put the pieces of our broken hearts back together. We were pissed, we wanted explanations as to what happened but for that night all we wanted to do was forget that night. Oh, what a heart-wrenching night.


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