03 Bye Bye South Africa :(

 Tuesday, 29 January 2013



We had to defeat the super eagles. We had to qualify for the quarter finals. It’s seemed highly unlikely but we had regained some composure from Friday’s debacle, so our faith in the Waliyas was back. We’re back on full support, some of us.After Friday it seemed supporters were divided into two. Half still had high hopes and continued supporting our boys and the other half just gave up. I heard people making harsh remarks and it saddened me how they turned their backs just like that. Friday’s game was, without a doubt, a disappointing one but my faith in supporters went downhill. I was more frustrated with them than I was with the Waliyas.

Anyway, I wasn’t in Ethiopia for our last game and it deeply frustrated me that I had to leave. Yes, I was going to watch it on TV but I would miss the crowd, the reaction and the familiar faces. I was thirty minutes late when I got to a café that was showing the game. There weren’t more than a dozen Habeshas there. But supporters of our rivals were plenty in number. So you can imagine how I must have felt during the entire match. They were laughing at our failing attempts, the first penalty (one guy actually cracked up so loud, I wanted to hit him with a water bottle), Sisay Bancha’s red card, the second penalty and the dreaded final whistle.

And just like that we were OUT. In 9 days, we had sent mixed messages to the world that was watching us. At first, we managed to prove to the world that we were more than spoken of and thateven though we hadn’t been in the tournament for 3 decades we still had potential. Then we got in to the second game with high expectations and ended the game leaving people wondering what the hell had happened to the team that played on Monday. For our final game, we played so much better than the Nigerians but due to fatal errors we ended up being the losers, againL

Who isn’t sad about how things turned out but look on the bright side, at least, we weren’t humiliated, as some feared.  Therewere a lot of good things said about our team. If there were black spots in people’s mind about our potential, at least now it’s turned grey-ish. Now we know where we need to work, what needs to be improved, the kind of players our team needs. It has shown our strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I think all that has happened has happened for a reason. If we had gone further we wouldn’t have stopped bragging. We would have thought we haddone so well that we would have probably forgotten that there was more we needed to accomplish. I like to believe that everything happens for a very good reason so maybe our defeat wasn’t such a bad thing after all. We shall wait and see.

On a matter that is probably of no interest to our male readers, I would like to say a few things about a certain player who had gotten more popularity with the ladies in the tournament. There’s a theory that a game gets more interesting for girls when there’s an eye candy somewhere in the pitch. I validate that theory. It’s just a girl thing. We can’t help it.  Anyway, the person I’m talking about is our own; Addis Hintsa. I don’t know if he got more popular after ‘Sowetolive’ put him on the list of AFCON 2013’s sexiest players or before that but in a matter of days he had become the most popular Habesha man. When I went to the stadium to welcome our national team, I even heard a group of girls screaming “Addis! Addis!”

Before all this madness started my friend and I were quite fond of him but now that everyone is all over him it’s kinda getting annoying. Sorry, I know it’s ridiculous. “Mistum endezi alalech aydel? Lol. Anyways, we’ve decided to move on to our other good looking players. My friend and I have got five so far. I would tell you who they are but…

Oh, by the way, Addis Hintsa is married!!!



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